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purposeful learning

Chailey Heritage Individual Learner Driven (CHILD) Curriculum

Chailey Heritage School has developed its own curriculum, driven by the individual learner’s needs.

This means every learner has their own curriculum, built specifically for them based on their skills and desired outcomes. It is broad in that it covers all aspects of their development and it is balanced in that it weighs up, specifically for them, the input that is needed.

Above all, it is meaningful to each child and their family.

The CHILD Curriculum consists of totally personalised learner profiles detailing aspirations, strengths, needs, skills, long-term outcomes and next steps.

The profiles are:

  • All about me
  • Engagement & Sensory Support
  • Communication
  • Physical
  • Access Technology
  • Social and Emotional Well-being
  • Functional Skills
  • Driving
  • Specific Learning


CHILD Curriculum Downloads

Our Pupils' Stories


13-year-old Charlotte is a determined, kind, and thoughtful young person.

Seth Seth is 6 years old and has been at school at Chailey Heritage Foundation since ... James James has been developing his concentration skills by caring for the animals at ... Jacob Jacob is 18 years-old and has been attending Chailey Heritage Foundation si... Bertie Bertie is six years old and started school at Chailey Heritage Foundation in Nov... Harriet Harriet has been developing her communication skills during her visits to Patchw...
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