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Mollie and her amazing creations

22 year old Mollie is a budding artist. Her amazing creations are on display in the Life Skills Centre including a pink-feathered life-sized flamingo!

As part of an action packed day, Mollie loves her art and cookery sessions and it's fantastic to see her embarking on new creations with a smile. Mollie's complicated condition, including cerebral palsy and dystonia, means that it's not always easy for her. Working on detail is difficult as she finds it hard to control her limbs. The Life Skills Centre provides all the equipment Mollie needs to help her. In the kitchen, Mollie makes full use of the switch operated aids such as the blender, food processor and mixer to create her beautiful cupcakes - her favourite part is choosing the toppings and decorations!

"Mollie likes the sensory element of cookery - the smells of spices and orange zest and the sound of whisking eggs"

Mollie spends the day at the Hub, using it as a base to access her sessions at the Life Skills Centre. The Hub provides Mollie with a safe place to rest in between her sessions and she can join in with the Hub's fun activities when she chooses. Leaving school and living at home can be isolating but Mollie has met lots of friends her own age at the Hub and she really enjoys the social aspect that goes with being part of a small group.

"Since starting at the Hub and Life Skills Centre, Mollie's confidence has grown significantly and she is able to demonstrate her enjoyment during the activities." Mollie's Dad - Robert

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