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Meet Lennon

Lennon is very happy and sociable and, like most 6-year-old boys, he enjoys playing with bricks and getting messy with paint!

Lennon’s life has its complications. He was born with two forms of dwarfism so as well as having restricted growth, his legs and arms are also short. He is unable to walk and, because of his complex condition, he relies upon a ventilator to breathe and needs constant supervision - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lennon’s Mum, Laura, desperately wanted Lennon to go to school but as he approached school age, Lennon was still spending the majority of time in hospital so finding a school capable of meeting Lennon’s complex health needs proved difficult.

“We wanted everything to be as normal as possible for Lennon, which meant going to school. I found out quite fast that no school could deal with Lennon’s medical complications and then we found Chailey”

Lennon has really taken off since starting at Chailey Heritage School and, with all his medical needs being met, he is getting stronger and more resilient. Communication is key and he is now able to express his likes and dislikes clearly. He joins in with group activities with his peers and his power driving skills have excelled. Often Lennon can be found exploring the school, either driving his powered wheelchair or, most recently, riding his hand-powered tricycle.

“I knew in my heart of hearts when we first came to Chailey, that Lennon had to come here to unlock himself and fulfil his potential. It’s just been amazing.”   


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