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aquatics curriculum

CHILD Aquatics Curriculum and Awards Scheme

Aquatics are an essential part of an individual’s development at Chailey Heritage Foundation. Working alongside specialist Physiotherapists, aquatic programmes offer a fun, physical activity that stimulate independent movements, relaxation and sensory experiences.

Aquatic programmes can offer individuals with complex disabilities a broad range of benefits including:

  • Functional skills – standing, walking, reaching, gripping and holding
  • Postural skills – improved core stability and head control
  • Maintaining or increasing ranges of movement
  • Improved co-ordination and spatial awareness
  • Multisensory experiences
  • Learning to swim

Our specialist Hydrotherapy Pool provides the best facilities and environment for individuals to achieve their potential:

  • Large Hydrotherapy Pool (15m x 9.5m)
  • Warm water (32-33ºC) to promote movement
  • 8 hoists over pool, track system providing hoist support across the whole pool
  • Sensory experience with black-out blinds on the windows, colour changing pool lighting, music and bubble area

Chailey Heritage Aquatic Curriculum and Awards Scheme

All aquatic activities are individualised and child centred which links in with the Chailey Heritage Individual Learner Driven (CHILD) Curriculum, the Aquatic Curriculum mirrors that ethos. We develop key strategies and techniques to support child initiated learning, record the development and celebrate the success!

The Chailey Heritage Aquatic Curriculum is designed to monitor and evaluate an individual’s progression from a baseline starting point. The curriculum is split into sections that monitor the individual’s ability to develop key aquatic areas - Body Position, Legs, Arms, Breathing, Timing and Interaction.

The Chailey Heritage Aquatic Awards Scheme builds on the Aquatic Curriculum by providing a way of celebrating success. For some of our young people maintaining the same movement patterns and not allowing their medical conditions to regress what they are physically able to achieve is as much of a celebration as those that are able to move through the zones and physically develop their skills and experience.

The Aquatic Curriculum monitors an individual’s ability to maintain or develop movements and skills and the awards scheme celebrates what they have achieved. The awards have been developed following the colours of the rainbow from Red through to the Pot of Gold at the end, with certificates as tangible rewards of achievement.

In addition there is a certificate to celebrate those ‘Wow’ moments of specific success. For those individuals who are able to progress onto the Amateur Swimming Association’s Learn to Swim Framework they do so and continue on their aquatic journey.

What do we need to bring?

Each individual needs to bring normal swimming equipment (swimming costume/ trunks and towels) as well as any other specialist equipment they use such as specialist slings or swimwear.

Family Swimming Sessions and Pool Parties

We run weekly sessions for families to enjoy the pool together on a Saturday, 2.00-3.00pm and also have the opportunity to hire the pool for a Pool Party on a Saturday, 3.30-4.30pm and space for refreshments after.

For more information regarding Aquatics at Chailey Heritage Foundation please contact Aquatics@chf.org.uk or telephone 01825 724 444 | 255

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