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Born 13 weeks prematurely and weighing less than 1kg, Raihana faced several life-threatening complications which would have massive consequences for her life ahead. Her early entry into the world and the ensuing complications haven’t held her back from becoming a happy and social little girl; her bright grin and cheeky personality show off her zest for life.

Raihana has complex medical needs and depends 24 hours a day on her ventilator to help her breathe.

Raihana now lives full-time at Chailey Heritage Foundation, which was a very difficult decision for Raihana’s mum as she would dearly love her to live at home with her twin brother and her sister, but caring for Raihana 24 hours a day was having a significant impact on the whole family.

Living at Chailey Heritage Foundation means that Raihana is now able to go to school every day just like any other child. This is made possible with the two-to-one support she receives at all times from highly-trained staff from the bungalow where she lives, school and, very importantly, the NHS nurses from our clinical partners on site.

“Raihana’s Consultants at the specialist London hospital she attends for regular check-ups are so impressed with her development, her responses and her interaction with people since joining Chailey Heritage. This is testament to the real difference a fully integrated nursing, care and education package can make to the life of a child with complex needs.” 

Andrew, Head of Residential Operations

Raihana’s complex health needs certainly don’t stop her leading a full life. She enjoys swimming, horse riding, trampolining, cooking and music, all on site at Chailey Heritage Foundation. She also loves going to the cinema and her highlight of the year was going on holiday with all her friends from the bungalows. 

“Raihana is really, really happy at Chailey Heritage ...... she is having a great social life with her friends. Family communication is still very strong – we FaceTime every evening so Raihana can catch up with her twin brother and sister and we visit her at weekends.” 

Kenny, Raihana’s Mum

Mobility and communication are key to Raihana’s independence and these are priorities for young people at Chailey Heritage Foundation. Raihana is learning to communicate and drive her powered wheelchair using assistive technology. She is now able to express what she likes and dislikes and chooses which clothes to wear each morning; staff no longer have to answer for her.



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