Chailey Heritage Information & Parent/Carer Support

The CHIPS Facebook page has over 80 parent/carer members and it is a great source of information on a huge range of issues, not just school related. It is run by parents for parents.

We have been told that many parents find it hugely useful and supportive, you can ask any question and someone will know something about it, or know where you can find out the answer. It’s great to check the day to day ‘when do the kids go back to school?’, or ‘Do they need to dress up for Book day?’.

However, we have also talked about important life changing events, topics have recently included ‘preparing for our children’s surgery – what’s it like and how long is recovery?’

You literally can ask anything!

So please look us up on Facebook and use this vast wealth of knowledge and experience from parents and carers of children at Chailey Heritage – past, present and future

The CHIPS Facebook page

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