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Open throughout the year is very different to traditional day services. We offer far more than just somewhere to spend your day, we encourage you to learn more skills, develop a peer group and really live life to the fullest.

When You arrive at The Hub in the morning you'll be greeted by our friendly team. We offer a choice of activities, which reflect your interests and preferences.

We are also fortunate to access many of our onsite facilities, including;

Life Skills Centre - a uniquely modern and vibrant facility offering a creative and alternative learning environment and a thriving social network to those aged 16+ years with a physical and/or learning disability.

Patchwork Farm - Patchwork Farm is a therapeutic care farm that has been specially designed to allow the young people onsite at Chailey Heritage Foundation a unique, hands on, multi-sensory experience with a number of different animals.

Also, to support your Health & Well-being you are able to access our fitness centre and participate in activities, including; Gym, Spa, Sauna, Yoga and Hydrotherapy Pool. A massage therapist is also available.

We also access the wider community as often as we can, so you will always have a lot of variety in your day.


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