Developing Effective Communication

All pupils at Chailey Heritage School have some level of communication difficulty. We always strive to meet every individual’s need and right to communicate and be listened to.

A key to successful communication is our ‘Total Communication’ and ‘Responsive Environment’ approach, in which we acknowledge, respect, and allow time and space for every form of communicative intent and processing need.

Working closely alongside Speech and Language Therapists, we develop a wide variety of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) approaches to meet personal needs. These range from subtle body language and sensory cues through to advanced communication technologies.

Specialist techniques and resources include:

  • Bespoke sensory cues including objects of reference and touch cues
  • Intensive interaction
  • Chailey Communication System
  • VOCAs (Voice Output Communication Aids)
  • Eye-Gaze technology
  • Staff are trained in SIGNALONG and BSL when appropriate
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