Get Ready to Refill!


We all know it important to stay hydrated especially when you are exercising and if the weather is hot. For the Focus 10k 2018 and 2019 we provided water for runners in plastic bottles, this was quite expensive and not environmentally friendly. The plastic waste at the event was mentioned by many of you last year in our post-run survey. We want to reduce the environmental impact of the Focus10k so this year we are doing it differently.

What’s happening?

Borde Hill are ensuring the taps in the parkland have water suitable for drinking. We will be filling water containers from the taps and these will be available at the water points. This means that waste produced by the event will be more than halved, and the use of local water and no plastic bottles on the course is clearly better for our precious planet!  

In order to do this we ask you to bring a reusable bottle or cup. We will also have two styles of souvenir water bottles for sale priced at £2.50 and £4.50.

We are very grateful to Batcheller Monkhouse who are sponsoring our water stops for 2020.

How will it work on the day?

There will be three water points.

  • One in the Race Village
  • One at the 2.5km mark of the course
  • One at 5km mark (for those doing 10k, which is two laps).
  • The water containers at the water stops have taps, and we will also be filling jugs from them to reduce any queues.

If you think you might need water during the race we recommend you fill up your bottle in the Race Village before the race starts. We will do everything we can to keep people moving quickly at the water stops on the route but if you don’t want to slow down please ensure you have water with you or wait until the finish to quench your thirst.


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