Host Your Own Big Chailey Picnic

Bake, share and have fun to raise money for young people with disabilities.


What is The Big Chailey Picnic?

Roll out your picnic blanket anywhere or anytime, or if you need an excuse how about this year’s National Picnic Week (22nd-28th June). Invite your friends, family, colleagues, pupils and even the dog to join you for a summer get together and raise money for Chailey Heritage Foundation.

Whether it’s in your garden, the local park, beach, playing field or even your board room!


Who, How and Where to Hold a Big Chailey Picnic?

Absolutely anyone, anytime, anywhere!

  • At home with family
  • In the park with friends
  • For your school or just your class
  • With your colleagues in the office or further afield


How Your Big Chailey Picnic Helps

Together with your support, we can change the lives of children and young people living with complex physical disabilities. Providing them with the specialist equipment, facilities and activities required for them to live healthy, safe and happy lives whilst progressing into adulthood.

£50 – could fund a therapeutic horse riding session to help improve mobility, core strength and trunk control

£250 - could fund equipment to help young people play adapted sports such as boccia, wheelchair football or table cricket

£1500 –could buy an eyegaze computer allowing a young person with limited movements to control a computer using only their eye momements

Hold a Big Chailey Picnic and Change Lives

Top Tips for a Successful Big Chailey Picnic

Download Your Big Chailey Picnic Goodies

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