To make your picnic a real treat, we have plenty of goodies for you to download.

Fundraising Top Tips

Read to get you started with your fundraising


Let guests know where and when your picnic is taking place


Invite your guests individually and ask them to RSVP

Cake Flags

Label your food with these nifty little flags

Jam Jar Labels

Decorate your jars with homemade labels


Decorate your venue with some homemade bunting

Guess the Name of the Teddy Bear

A fundraising game for the kids

Guess the Number of Sweets in the Jar

Fundraise with this classic game

Guess the Weight of the Cake

Fundraising game with a sweet twist

Paying in Form

After your picnic, send your money over to us


Browse through our tasty recipes to help you on your way for a delicious picnic.

Summer Berry Cheesecake

Enjoy this sweet treat at your picnic

Mushroom Scotch Eggs

Cook up this treat to wow your guests

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