Multi-Sensory Room for Adults

The multi-sensory room in our Life Skills Centre offers a range of activities and experiences that can help adults with disabilities in the areas of social, emotional and intellectual development.

With thanks to grants and donations, we've been able to buy equipment such as a resonance board, which is particularly beneficial to someone who is deaf and blind. They can sit or lie on the board to feel things like music and sound resonate through the board. We can encourage some individuals with visual impairments to become visually aware of lights, colours and moving images by projecting onto a white umbrella over their heads. We also project moving images from the projector onto an umbrella over a person lying on a water bed or on a bean bag.

Our Multi-Sensory Studio allows us to place an individual with complex physical and/or sensory impairments in a pleasant environment where the distractions of the outside world are completely absent. We then present individuals with music and attention grabbing moving colours and shapes, and then add the ability for the individual to actually make things happen that are so dramatic they cannot be missed. Here, you have the building blocks of real progress.

Sensory rooms are specifically designed to provide therapy, relaxation, learning, fun, development of hand-eye co-ordination and an understanding of cause and effect by focusing on particular senses such as touch, vision, sound, smell, taste and balance.

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