Futures Hub

Futures Hub is a vibrant and modern day provision supporting transitional needs of young adults with complex physical and/or sensory impairments aged 19–30 years. The Hub offers bespoke packages to meet an individual's needs and aspirations with the aim of improving health and wellbeing, whilst developing skills and increasing their confidence.

One of the greatest benefits Futures Hub can give to any individual is the companionship of others. Often, people with a disability find it difficult to meet and socialise with others without help. For them, Futures Hub offers a change from the home environment, an opportunity to discover different interests and activities (which can be tailored to meet individual needs) and the opportunity to make new friends. In addition, young adults are able to use the modern, ground-breaking leisure and life skills environment of the Life Skills Centre to access a wide range of activities that are not readily available to people with a disability, in the local area.

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