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Sherbourne Developmental Movement and Intensive Interaction

01 February 2021

Both Sherbourne Developmental Movement and Intensive Interaction are fantastic activities to develop connection with others, social communication and creative expression.

In addition, Sherbourne develops body awareness and a sense of self and an awareness of others, as your movement partner moves with you, and this does wonders for self-esteem. It’s very accessible for young people that are not able to move fully independently.

Creator, Veronica Sherbourne said:

“Through my experience of teaching and observing human movement, and of learning through trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that all children have two basic needs; they need to feel at home in their own bodies and so to gain mastery, and they need to be able to form relationships” 

Intensive Interaction involves interacting closely with a young person, by imitating their vocalisations and movements. In this way, the young person begins to realise that they are having an impact on their world. This mirroring interaction is very positive as all movements, vocalisations and behaviours are responded to in a positive way. It supports shared attention, sharing personal space, taking turns in a non-verbal conversation.

As with Sherbourne, Intensive interaction is very inclusive. As well as mirroring vocalisations and movements, we mirror more subtle behaviour such as breathing patterns.

As you can see from the pictures, both are greatly enjoyed here at Chailey Heritage, over the past few weeks Connor has been really engaging with the adults supporting him, through some Sherbourne movement and Intensive Interaction opportunities.

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