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A Journey to Narnia

17 December 2021

This term at Chailey Heritage Foundation, pupils from Hanbury department have been exploring Narnia! Yes, that’s right – an actual winter wonderland based on the C.S Lewis novels created by Jemma Smith, a teacher from Hanbury.

Jemma had the idea to create a Narnia corridor for her department after discussions in class. She suggested they use the nurse’s corridor for this as it was so cold which would be perfect to create the atmosphere of snowy Narnia. Jemma spent her weekend putting together the Narnia corridor which includes white sheets under which is bubble wrap to make it sound like you’re walking on snow, a lamppost, Christmas trees and sensory materials for the young people to explore.

The door to the corridor is decorated like a wardrobe and as you open the door you appear in a dark room with a clothes rail full of garments, as if you were inside a wardrobe. Push through the clothes and you’re in the cold corridor and met with the fantastic sights of Narnia.

Young people have been visiting the corridor all week and have loved the sensory materials. Jemma says: ‘The young people have communication next steps that could be give opinions using their communication methods. For those working at a more sensory level it will be them engaging with the items and seeing if they give their positive or negative responses. There are a range of sensory input depending on any sensory impairments.’

At regular intervals down the coridoor, the young people have the opportunity to feel snow, pine cones and jingle bells as well as using switch buttons to make decisions as part of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe story read to them.

A lot of effort has gone into creating the Narnia corridor and it’s clear to see how much the young people enjoy it. Well done Jemma and team!

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