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Julia's Walking Sling Gym Session

06 May 2022

At the LSC gym we give our customers the opportunity to carry out exercises in walking slings.

For many of our gym customer who spend the majority of their day in a wheelchair, to be able to stand upright and get out of their chair is something they really enjoy. Using the sling lets us carry out a wider range of exercises including:

• Walking backwards and forwards

• Walking side to side

• Stepping over step blocks

• Balance sitting on fitballs

• Boxing

• Kicking footballs

All of the exercises have a variety of different aims including improving walking gait, lower body and core strength, balance and co-ordination and most importantly – having fun!

Julia really enjoys throwing, catching and kicking the footballs. Initially Julia found the work quite a challenge but now is very confident while in the sling. Her balance and co-ordination has really improved as she walks backwards and forwards, as well as her lower body strength. Julia is also now able to confidently step over a step block.

Great work Julia, you’re making amazing progress!

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