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Sarah Sees Amazing Progress in the Gym

06 February 2023

 Meet Sarah. Sarah joined the Leisure and Skills Centre gym in the summer of 2022 and wanted us to help her achieve the following goals:

  • To improve her core strength to help with everyday chores
  • To increase circulation in her lower body, as well as increase her range of movement to help ease the discomfort she had in her lower body
  • To improve cardiovascular fitness levels to help give her more energy

Sarah has made incredible progress in the period of time that she has been using the gym. Her lower body strength has improved dramatically. Sarah started using a resistance of level 2 which she felt was quite challenging. Sarah now uses a resistance of level 10 and her physical activity percentage has risen from 70% to 95%.

Sarah’s workouts consist of a wide range of mobility and static stretches. These could include upper-body and lower-body cardiovascular exercises, resistance exercises, and exercises for her core areas.

We also carry out a large number of exercises using kettlebells, resistance bands, barbells, free weights, and boxing. These functional exercises help Sarah to improve her coordination and work out a large number of muscle groups. By adding a wide variety to Sarah’s program, it ensures the sessions are fun whilst improving her fitness.

Watch the video to hear why Sarah enjoys using the gym at the LSC.

If you’d like to see what our gym has to offer, give us a call on 01825 723 723 to book a visit.

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