Get Ready for Race Day


PBs in races come from good preparation as well as good training. Get race day ready for the Focus 10k or 5k with our checklist.

Select the smart shoe choice
General guidelines tell you to replace running shoes roughly every 300-400 miles but there are some telltale signs that can give you a more tailored answer on whether it’s time to invest in new trainers. Inspect the soles to see whether the outer sole has worn through to the mid-sole, whether the grips have worn down in a specific area, or if one sole looks more worn than the other. Bend the sole gently to see if it collapses under pressure – if it bends easily, it shouldn’t. If there’s one golden rule about running and shoes it’s never, ever wear new wheels in a race - blisters can ruin even the best-laid plans! If you are changing shoes and you're currently running in regular trainers, consider investing in trail shoes, which feature soles specifically designed for off-road terrain, such as the Focus 10k.

Watch the weather
In the days leading up to the event, keep an eye on the forecast so you know both what to wear during the race and what layers to take for before and after. The outer layer is the most important bit of kit to provide a barrier between you and whatever mother nature throws your way, so consider whether you need waterproof or windproof protection. If we're lucky and the sun is shining on race day, that barrier might just need to be sunblock, sunglasses and a cap.

Bring gadgets to go
Think of any tracking gadgets and accessories you’ll need to get you from A to B in the race. If you’re planning to properly pace yourself through the course, gadget number one on your packing list will be a sports watch. We don't recommend running to music as we need runners to be vigilant of what's happening around them - plus you'll be able to appreciate the beautiful surroundings of Borde Hill more without it!

Arm yourself with anti-chafing ammunition if needed
Irritated skin caused by rubbing fabric is a recipe for a race day disaster. Pack Vaseline, plasters, or whatever trusted chafing defence system you use to prevent it. On the day there will be male and female changing facilities so you can change out of your soiled clothes and enjoy the race village after your run.

Know how you’ll get there
Plan how you’ll get to the start line in the days before the event. Borde Hill Garden is best accessed by car and there is plenty of parking available. On the morning we’ll have refreshments and entertainment for the whole family, so there’s plenty to do when you arrive and finish the race later on.

Memorise the start time
Sounds simple, but after the training you’ve put in, don’t ruin your race by scrambling about to get to the start line. Know exactly when and where the start gun will go off - set your alarm clock the night before if needed!

Race day checklist kit:

  • Trail running shoes
  • Tights/shorts
  • Vest or T-shirt plus race number (which you'll collect on the day)
  • Long sleeved top
  • Running jacket (if needed)
  • Sports bra for girls
  • Running socks
  • Warm clothing for after the race


  • GPS watch (if needed)
  • Headband/hat
  • Sunglasses (if needed)
  • Drinks bottle (if needed)


  • Chafing cream
  • Sun cream or block
  • Money for refreshments at the end of the event
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