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Felicity's Riding Progress

24 September 2021

Felicity is an assertive and determined little girl whose understanding is excellent. Although only four she is becoming very adept at controlling her environment and expressing her views. Her communication is sophisticated and as Joanna Grace says it is important to remember it is not dependent on her ability to communicate but on our ability to listen. When a child realises they are being ‘listened to’ they will find their voice.

When Felicity started riding she was very nervous because she is very aware of her surroundings and activities and likes to control what is happening to her. She was anxious and would try and let everyone know that she didn’t want a blanket under her head by pushing it away and vocalising. Once the blanket was removed she was able to lift her head and look around and because her communication had been acknowledged she was very happy. Felicity wanted to share her success with everyone and indicated to Lucy who was supporting her to relay her message to everyone she met.

After nearly a year of riding Felicity will now control stopping and starting and will even decide the pattern the pony makes by refusing to answer when asked to make the pony move. Her core strength, ability to push through her arms and head control have all improved.

What a superstar, excellent communication and physical work, well done Felicity.

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