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Celebrating our achievements: Ross

09 July 2021

In the lead up to Celebration Day this Friday 16th July, we are celebrating the amazing young people at Chailey Heritage Foundation.  Although we have just one day a year for celebrations, the achievements of these inspirational individuals have sometimes been months or even years in the making with the support of dedicated staff.  Each day this week we are sharing the achievements of a few people who reflect the ambition and achievement of all the young people and staff here.

Ross is 22 years old and lives here in the bungalows.  Ross has made incredible progress recently, and here Tracey, who is a House Manager at Chailey Heritage shares some of his recent achievements.

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns, Ross has been accessing the garden using both his driving switches and walking frame. The garden’s recent redesign has meant it is now wheelchair accessible and Ross is able to fully access all areas of the garden. Before the garden was redesigned this wouldn’t have been possible due to the ground being uneven.

Staff have worked closely with Ross, supporting him to become more confident with his driving/walking frame, and he has started to become more confident with the distances he drives.

Ross now explores more of the garden, using his walker to fully walk around the garden, which is something he didn’t do previously. Recently, Ross has started to turn his chair using the directional switch to navigate around objects placed on the ground.

Despite the pandemic meaning there was limited face-to-face contact with his physio, Ross had a safe environment to continue to work on his therapy programme with support from residential staff.

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