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Jungle activities in Seymour

28 May 2021

Here are some of the activities S1, S5 & S6 have been doing as part of Seymour's Summer term Jungle Theme...

We love exploring different textures in S1, the messier the better! The students added paint to shaving foam to mix and create a marble effect and lines. We then had pre-cut tiger shapes which were printed onto the foam and left to dry. This is accessible for all of the children in S1 as the only tools we needed to make the art were our hands (we didn’t need to grip brushes for example). The smallest of movement through or over the foam and paint created a lovely effect, and the foam stops the paint colours from mixing too much and going murky. The children enjoyed feeling the different texture of the foam and paint and our skin felt super soft afterwards too!

Edward enjoyed making jungle leaves! We supplied him with the green paint, green rice and green crepe paper and allowed him to explore it as independently as possible.  Edward loves getting messy and finds it really funny. He also loved the different textures in this activity. Edward has been working on moving his right hand more to explore things, and he worked very hard using his right hand and arm in this activity.

Young people from S5 and S6 have been exploring different Jungle activities which are tailored according to their interests and skills. Some of them created jungle animal masks while others were engaged with leaf printing a slimy and sticky jungle swamp. As their next project, both of the classes are working on creating a giant jungle snake to decorate the Seymour Hall. 


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