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Easter Holiday Fun

27 April 2021

Young people from Futures and the Children's Home had an amazing time over the Easter holiday period. Both activitity coordinators worked together to arrange events that were strictly within Covid guidelines.

Firstly we made wool eggs by immersing the wool into some PVA glue and wrapping it around a balloon but before the young people did that, they made a thumb print chick and put it inside the balloon so that when the glue had dried there was a wool egg and when you popped the balloon and took it out, inside was a thumb print chick. Very messy but great fun.

We also had a day of egg and spoon races, attaching whatever spoon you wanted to the wheelchair and taking part in some relay races. The support workers and young people had a real blast taking part in the races, we even started the race to the theme from Chariots of Fire.

Lastly, we had a 'mega Easter Egg Hunt'. Around Chailey Heritage Foundation were 90 large bunny footprints to follow and at various stages you had to find some puzzle pieces to make the final clue. We also had some different activities around the Easter Egg Hunt. We had 'pull the egg to find out what surprise was inside', it was either a little chick, a cream egg or flour! After that we had 'throw the beach ball to try and make it stick onto the massive bunny' and finally, we had an Easter Pinata. The young people had made the Pinata, and the one that was just amazing was from Orchard, brilliant effort. Willows was also tremendous.

Finally, at the end of the Easter Egg Hunt everyone had to make a puzzle and put it onto the glass door. When the puzzle was completed, they went outside, looked at the rear of the glass door to read the final clue. 'Your treasure is in the church.'

The treasure was a great hit, lots of cream eggs, a gigantic bubble-making kit and some sensory tropical gel.

All in all, great fun for everyone!

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