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Joe's rebound and gym sessions

14 May 2021

In the past few months Joe has been enjoying his Gym and Rebound Therapy sessions. In the Gym Joe is currently using our Innowalk & competing in a race to complete a Marathon against his fellow peers. Since his first time using this piece of equipment Joe has become a lot more comfortable and confident. Using different instruments to encourage Joe to reach out, we have been able to strengthen his core further.

In Rebound Therapy we have been encouraging Joe to move about freely. The first few Rebound sessions Joe attended he had seemed a little cautious, however since then he has become a lot more relaxed, confident, and happy on the Trampoline. Whilst Joe moves about the trampoline an instructor has been bouncing in different areas to try and put Joe off balance. This has helped to develop Joe's core, balance, stability and co-ordination further.

Well done Joe for all your hard work!

We are looking forward to the LSC reopening to those living in the community on 7th June.

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