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Inspiring Individuals: Kim & Shannon

21 July 2021

Kim and Shannon both work in the residential bungalows at Chailey Heritage Foundation. They have decided to take part in the Tough Mudder in September, to raise funds for the renovation of the quad area between the bungalows. This project will bring more colour and character to the quad for all the young people, adults and staff to enjoy.

Here's why Kim and Shannon are challenging theirselves:

"I have always wanted to challenge myself mentally and physically and be able to help raise money whilst doing it.  Chailey has always been a part of my life since my niece was a student/resident, where I used to visit all the time on weekends or special occasions, before working on the residential bungalows. This is going to be a huge challenge but I wanted to do something that wasn’t going to be boring and I’m determined to cross it off my things to do before I’m 30. I am not looking forward to some of the obstacles but I'm determined to do them all and I can’t wait to do it with my friend and colleague."


"Tough mudder is a great way to challenge yourself mentally and physically as well as build on any relationships with your friends or colleagues taking on the challenge with you. I have taken part in a tough mudder before, so I know what challenges lay ahead of us. But I know for a fact we will be able to get through them! Tough mudder consists of a 5k run, which in itself includes roughly four obstacles for every mile. These obstacles will tackle your mind and body in many different ways as well as your capability to push through and most importantly work as a team. We have decided to take part in this challenge to raise money for Chailey Heritage Foundation, in which means a lot to us both. I am very excited to take on this challenge once again, this time with my friend and colleague by my side, as well as the Chailey team supporting us both along the way."


You can donate to their fundraising page here.

Good luck, we can't wait to hear how it goes! 

Feeling inspired? Take on your own challenge, you can browse our challenge events here or get in touch to discuss your ideas by emailing fundraising@chf.org.uk.



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