Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs aren’t actually pigs or from Guinea! They originally come from the Andes mountains in South America.



Fun Facts

  • A male Guinea pig is called a ‘boar’, a female Guinea pig is called a ‘sow’ and a baby guinea pig is called a pup.
  • When they sense their owner is nearby they will squeak to get their attention.
  • They are very social animals and love the company of others, even humans. They actually love to be held as they love contact.
  • They do not bite in defence and will only bite because they think your hand is food.
  • They need a supplement of vitamin C as they do not produce it themselves.
  • Guinea pigs have the ability to live on their own up to 5 days after being born.
  • Guinea pig pups can run within 3 hours of being born.
  • The world record for the longest ever living guinea pig is 15 years.



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