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We have a number of different ducks here at Patchwork Farm including Indian Runners – a breed of domestic duck that stands erect like a penguin and runs instead of waddling.


Fun facts

  • Ducks are found on every continent except for Antarctica.
  • A male duck is called a drake, a female duck a hen, and a baby duck a duckling.
  • A common urban legend is that a ducks quack does not echo. This has however, been proven to be false.
  • All ducks have highly waterproof feathers due to the feathers interlocking nature and waxy coating.
  • A duck’s bill is specialised to help it forage in mud and to strain food from the water.
  • Ducks feet have no nerves or blood vessels, meaning that their feet do not feel the cold.
  • Ducks have three eyelids.
  • Some ducks can fly up to 332 miles in one day. 

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