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Bungalow garden transformation

18 July 2022

The courtyard garden surrounded by our children’s home bungalows – the “Quad” - has been in need of a makeover for a while and thanks to the generous donation of £25,000 from The Morrisons Foundation, we were able to commission Thorne Civil Engineers and Hobart Paving & Civil Engineering to begin the work.

Susan Duke, Referrals and Placements Manager at Chailey Heritage Foundation said; ‘We wrote a brief outlining the main features for the new Quad which were then translated into designs which we shared with the young people. The colours were chosen by our young people and their staff teams.

The concept behind the blue paths was that these would lead the young people from their residential bungalow to their garden as it’s often used as a way to go to school. We wanted to try and help them differentiate the different sections of the courtyard and also introduce different colours and textures.’

The middle section of the concrete was removed to make way for astroturf and a beautiful canopy overhanging the new area. Thorne Civil Engineers and Hobart Paving & Civil Engineering have done a fantastic job at creating a colourful space which will also provide shade for the hot summer weather we’ve been having. 

Watch this space for an update on our plans to buy garden furniture, plants, and toys to finish off the Quad!

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