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Smashing Goals in the LSC Gym!

25 May 2022

After experiencing a stroke which effected the functionality in the left side of his body as well as his speech and vision, Jon was referred by his physio to Chailey Heritage Foundation.

Since 2018, the Leisure and Skills Centre gym have been working with Jon on a number of goals. 

Jon said that he would like to:

  • Reduce his blood pressure which was in the hypertension level
  • Lose weight
  • Improve grip in left hand
  • Carry out exercises standing on his feet
  • Improve upper body and lower body strength
  • Improve stamina and energy levels

We carried out several health and fitness tests with Jon including taking his blood pressure, weight, asked him to carry out some sit to stand exercises and several timed cardio exercises so that we could assess his health and fitness. This is something that we repeated every month to track progress. During this time Jon has worked remarkably hard in the gym and reached a number of his goals:

  • Jon’s blood pressure has lowered considerably and is no longer in the hypertension levels
  • Jon has lost 15kg
  • His left hand grip has improved and he is now able to grip onto a handle on a cardio machine for ten minutes without the assistance of a glove support
  • Jon is able to carry out 3 sets of 15 sit to stand exercises with much greater control and good form
  • Jon’s walking form and control in the walking sling has dramatically improved
  • Fitness Tests - In July 2021, Jon managed 2.32km on level 3 on the stepper for his upper body and lower body. We have now increased the resistance to level 5 and Jon recently completed 5.14km which is an indication of just how much his cardio levels have increased.

This has had a number of positive effects on Jon’s life.

Jon said, “The gym has really helped with me with my general health and wellbeing. I feel like I now have a lot more energy and am stronger in my upper and lower body. I now find my everyday tasks a lot easier as I am stronger in my lower body and with my left hand grip which helps me with my transfers from my wheelchair. I enjoy the standing work in the walking sling as I enjoy the opportunity to exercise out of my chair and stand up, I then have a different view all of a sudden and enjoy the independence this gives me. The social atmosphere of the gym is also something I really appreciate as there are lots of other friendly customers”.

Well done Jon from Dan, Charles and everyone at the LSC!

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