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LSC Rebound Therapy Sessions

06 February 2022

At the Leisure and Skills Centre (LSC), we run regular Rebound Therapy sessions which have a wide range of health benefits.

Before taking part in any session, we carry out a Rebound Therapy Physio Assessment.

In the assessment we will discuss:

• Aims and goals of the session

• Any past history with trampolining or rebound therapy

• Current physical activity levels

• Range of movement and strength

• Current injuries or mobility issues

We then try a range of different exercises on the trampoline to assess what is suitable for the customer. The physio will construct a programme which the Rebound instructors will take the customer through in each session.

Paul has just taken part in a Rebound Therapy Assessment and was able to carry out a wide range of exercises including:

• Knee raises

• Reaching out and up above

• Reaching across the body

• Sitting upright

Watch the video on the right hand side of the page to see Paul completing a seies of reaches across the body and up above.

For more information about Rebound Therapy and to book an assessment, please click here. https://www.chf.org.uk/lsc-rebound.html 

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