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Exciting New Year’s INSET for Chailey staff – ‘Don’t Call Me Mum’.

11 January 2024

A strong working relationship between staff and parents/carers is essential for first-class support and education to be provided for all children and young people in education, health, and social care. Staff at Chailey Heritage care about their relationships with parents, carers, and families. The INSET session that took place at CHF on 2nd January 2024 offered time for school and residential staff to reflect in depth about what makes relationships between professionals and parents so valuable and learn about how these relationships can be nurtured.

Rachel Wright, from ‘Born at the Right Time’ delivered a fantastic day’s seminar for CHF staff which focused on parents and carers working co-productively. Rachel explained that when it comes to educating, caring for and supporting children and young people with complex needs, parents have skills and knowledge, and practitioners have skills and knowledge… but it’s through working together that we achieve the very best. Rachel speaks as both a parent of a young person with complex disabilities and a medical professional herself. The training was interactive and kept everyone involved with a balance of theory and practical content. It included video clips of parents who have experienced, and who are still experiencing, trauma whilst doing their very best to meet the needs of their disabled child, sharing their concerns as well as their joys with honesty and humour. Rachel herself did the same. The staff who attended the training were 100% positive in their responses.

As one of the school’s Specialist Education Assistants wrote afterwards, “I am a mum of an autistic child with mental health problems, and I found areas of Rachel’s talk that I could really relate to especially the fight us parents have with both health, outside services, and the lack of support. The talk was very interesting. Thank you so much.”

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