GK's Weekly Specials

Monday 8th October 2018
Beef Nachos with Sour Cream
Vegetarian Sausages with Coleslaw & Salad
Open Butternut Squash Puff with Coleslaw & Salad

Tuesday 9th October 2018
Italian Chicken Bake with Garlic Bread
Lentil Pasta Bake with Garlic Bread

Wednesday 10th October 2018
Beef Lasagne with Garlic Bread
Stuffed Peppers with Coleslaw & Salad

Thursday 11th October 2018
Chicken Pie with New Potatoes & Brocolli
Roasted Pepper & Sundried Tomato Quiche with New Potatoes & Coleslaw & Salad

Friday 12th October 2018
Homemade Beef Burger & Chips
Homemade Fish & Chips
Homemade Cajun Spiced Black Bean & Mushroom Burger with Chips

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