Question and Answer with Patchwork Farm Volunteer

We met with David, one of the volunteers on Patchwork Farm, and found out how he feels about working there. 


Q. To start things off, how often do you volunteer with Patchwork Farm?

A. I work one day a week here, on a Wednesday. I also work on another farm in Horam on Mondays.


Q. Great, what type of jobs do you do on the farm?

A. I put out all the water and food for the animals. They’ve each got certain buckets which they eat from. I also do the mucking out.


Q. … which animals do you muck out?

A. All of them. It’s different animals on different days. Alex (the Farm Co-Ordinator) tells me which he wants done on each day.


Q. Which part of your volunteering do you enjoy the most?

A. My favourite part would have to be feeding the animals.


Q. I can understand why. Have you learnt anything new from working on Patchwork Farm?

A. Lots about the animals. There are different animals on the two farms that I work on and I have been able to learn lots about the ones here.


Q. Fab! Final and most important question, do you have a favourite animal?

A. The donkeys. Well, one of the donkeys. The brown and white one (George) comes to the fence and says hello. The other donkey (Joe) doesn’t say hello. He just turns his back and walks back to his house!


Q. How rude!



Thank you David for talking to us and for giving an insight into the wonderful world of Patchwork Farm.

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