Being a volunteer is a great way to make use of spare time and help other people. It’s also a great way to gain valuable experience and it can enhance your CV or your university application.

At Chailey Heritage Foundation, volunteers help to support staff in their work with the young people, allowing them more time to use their trained skills. In this way, voluntary help can considerably enrich the lives of the young people, whether at school, on outings, in the residential bungalows, in our Life Skills Centre or even in our charity café.

One thing is certain: all Chailey Heritage volunteers are extremely valued and the generosity they offer in giving their time really makes a difference!

Riding volunteer

To make an enquiry, contact Kerrie Smart-Jones on 01825 724444 ext 139 or email ksmartjones@chf.org.uk

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Volunteer roles

How You Might Help

Click the photo for ideas of the types of voluntary roles we have at Chailey Heritage Foundation.

How to apply to be a volunteer

How To Apply

Click the photo for details of how to apply to become a volunteer at Chailey Heritage Foundation.

Volunteers - What is required?

What Is Required?

Find out what it takes to be a voluntary worker at Chailey Heritage Foundation.

Volunteer Application Form

Application Form

Download and complete a Volunteer Application Form for Chailey Heritage Foundation.

Volunteer testimonials

What Our Volunteers Say

Click the photo to discover what Chailey Heritage volunteers say about their experiences here.

Ex-Offenders & Volunteering

Ex-Offenders and Volunteering

Our policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders as Chailey Heritage volunteers.

Volunteer security checks

What Checks Are Made?

Volunteers are subject to the same security checks as those in paid employment with us. 

Working With Us

Paid Employment

For information on what opportunities there are to work with us in a paid role, click the photo.

Working in partnership with

Chailey Heritage Foundation works in partnership with Chailey Clinical Services, part of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. They provide medical intervention, clinical expertise and a range of therapies on-site for our children, young people and young adults.