International Recognition

24 Apr 2018

On Tuesday, 24th April, we were visited by dignatories from the Ukraine. Ulana Suprun, Acting Minister from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Minister of Eduction and the President’s Ombusdan for Children’s Rights were part of a UNICEF Study Tour into children’s and adolescents’ health connected with the Ukrainian health reforms. 

Nina Ferencic, the Senior regional advisor on Adolescent Health from UNICEF said:

"I believe that the main lesson and message of the visit is a message of hope, dignity and deep respect for every child. Your “the child is the curriculum” approach is such an excellent way of promoting a child-centered method where every child is supported to realize their rights and their full potential so that they can be the best they can.

The attitudes of the staff, the multi-disciplinary medical, educational and social teams and the supportive manner in which every child is treated are so deeply humane, caring and respectful. 

So I really want to send our warmest thanks and best wishes to each and every member of the Chaily Herritage team and to all the children who allowed us to briefly share some intense moments together."

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