Traffic Management During The D.R.E.A.M. Centre Build

We are thrilled that building work on The D.R.E.A.M. Centre has started and when you return to school, you will notice that the hoardings are built with vision panels so the pupils and guests can see what is going on.

As the saying goes, “there is no pain without gain” and parking around site during the build will be difficult for the next year but we are working really hard to make sure our plans work for everyone.

One way system
From Tuesday 3rd April there will be a one way system round the site (anti clockwise). This is something we have been considering for some time but will now be essential. It will still be possible to enter and exit the North car park from the main entrance/exit but there will be no access to the Hub and  Residnetial Bungalows from the North car park.

Drop off and pick up 
Taxi drop off will be to the north of St Martin’s building. The most direct route for Seymour and Hanbury pupils will be through the main gate into Obermer. Young people in Hanbury should go through Seymour Hall and use the newly refurbished link to Hanbury.

Mini Bus drop off and pick up will be by the Estates Office/Hydrotherapy Pool at the rear of the site in the South car park. Access into the buildings will be via Seymour using the path between the Estates Office and Hydrotherapy Pool. Those going to Hanbury will go through the Seymour Hall and over the link bridge. We have already discussed the changes with the taxi and mini bus and are writing to LA transport teams to let them know. We will review how this is working after the first few weeks of term.

Parents’ drop off and pick up - please use the roadway in front of the War Memorial and opposite St Martin’s. This space is going to be reserved for parents’ drop off in the mornings and afternoons and we are asking all staff - apart from Lunchtime Assistants (LTAs) - to use other parking areas.

Keeping in touch
We will be posting regular updates both here and on social media and in the coming weeks, we will be arranging some ‘drop in’ sessions for parents to come and hear all about The D.R.E.A.M. Centre.


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