Hanbury out and about...

Some of the young people from the Hanbury department had a wonderful morning at Trading Boundaries on the road just past Sheffield Park.

We rang up to check that there was disabled access and we were answered with a very enthusiastic and resounding ‘YES’!

On arrival we were able to move around the courtyard easily, look in some of the shops and go to café. The staff were especially welcoming and helpful – and one of the waitresses used to volunteer at Chailey, so we got extra special attention!

We would definitely go back – especially in the summer time when we will be able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.


Working in partnership with

Chailey Heritage Foundation works in partnership with Chailey Clinical Services, part of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. They provide medical intervention, clinical expertise and a range of therapies on-site for our children, young people and young adults.