St Martin's Fun at the Fair

19 Jul 2018

As part of this term’s topic ‘Fun At The fair’, M4 class worked on their own circus performances. We watched some circus performances first for inspiration. We used CCS books or VOCAs to choose, eg. props, clothes, equipment, colours and people. We then recorded the descriptions in Grid 3, made our props and performed our final performances. Enjoy watching them!!!

Mac – is bouncing on the trampoline with Al (dressed as a firefighter) and pulling a cracker with Sarah the physio assistant!

Eva – prepared a firedance with Simon. She chose to be dressed in her pyjamas and wear wellies. She made a big fire hoop using crepe paper

Tom – is drumming and juggling

Ricky – is drumming while his friends are doing pole dancing and hula hooping

Christian – is doing floor excercices with a ball and acrobatics with Jordan! He chose to wear a blue T-shirt and blue shorts.

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