Making Music with Soundbeams

29 Apr 2018

One of the classes in Hanbury were invited to a demonstration of the brand, spanking new Soundbeam 6

This latest model of Soundbeam has a touch screen, superb sounds and editable Soundsets and a film element (which could be played along with pictures or used when telling stories or doing drama. Adrian, the man who came to demonstrate this new soundbeam, showed us how to record our own sounds into Soundbeam.

This new soundbeam has 4 beams and 8 wireless switches, that can be easily connected to existing switches such as head switches or big macs.

Our students had a go at experimenting with the beams – which produce sounds when the student moves in front of a beam. Adam, in particular loved the sounds of a car engine that he was able to produce just by moving his arm in front of the beam!

Another student produced other sounds by pressing a switch, and a student who is deaf, was able to press a switch to feel sounds vibrating through a speaker under his feet

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