Our Epic Silent Disco

4 Sep 2018

All six of our residential bungalows came together for a fantastic afternoon of music and movement in the form of a Silent Disco and it was amazing. The event was inspired by one of our young adults from Futures who had been to the end of term silent disco at Sussex Downs College and came back to Chailey wanting another one.

Each young adult and support worker got their own headphones which lit up in different colours depending on which playlist they were tuned into. The hall was filled with beautiful fairy lights and other projecting lamps on the ceilings and walls. The playlists were fully loaded with songs the young people had requested, anything from The Greatest Showman to George Ezra to Dolly Parton. At some points the majority of the room was dancing along together and mouthing the words to songs like the YMCA or This is Me. It was very entertaining.

Becky enjoyed dancing with her support worker, driving her own chair to the music as she controlled it with her head switch. Each set of headphones can be as loud or quiet as you want, allowing for most of the young people to enjoy the music. Conner had his volume down low in a quieter room at first but soon joined his friends who stayed until the very last song. It was such a success the young adults want to do it again at Christmas and they’ve requested blow up instruments so they can do air guitar! Thank you to the Silent Disco Company and Richie Fenwick who DJ-ed, we had a great afternoon.

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