Chailey Heritage Siblings Group

A siblings group where your normal is someone else's normal too. A chance to make new friends and have fun doing things you might not always be able to do as a family, such as building a den in the woods or playing ball games on the beach, or a day trip to a theme park.

Us adults lean on our other special parents for support and we want the same for the siblings too, to recognise that they are not alone. We are a group of parents who arrange friendly, social, fun events and trips out for the siblings of students at Chailey Heritage School. We aim to provide opportunities to share stories and laughter and build new friendships. A group for parents to bring siblings of all ages, we encourage the older sibs to help the younger ones and have fun together. Parents can also share experiences and knowledge as well as enjoy some rare time with the other children in their family. We meet every other month.

Find us on the Siblings Support Group Facebook Page or EMAIL Vicki Harper

The siblings group recently went kayaking at Cuckmere Haven, read more here.

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