Late Season Lambing with Hanbury

9 May 2018

Thanks to Plumpton College School Education Programme Coordinator, Deborah Brickell, and one of the Plumpton College School Governors, Howard Wood, some of the young people in the Hanbury Department were able to meet lambs and calves.

Although late in the lambing season, Deborah and Howard made sure that 4 lambs and their Mums were especially left in the lambing shed for our young people to meet. They also met the lambs without a Mum and were able to come into close contact with them and really explore them!

A special treat was a trip over to visit the calves, and in fact every one of our young people was able to get something from the outing with all the smells, sounds, and textures (including the sensation of washing down their wheelchair wheels before going back to school!)

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