Patchwork Farm

Patchwork Farm is our on-site therapeutic care farm which opened in June 2017. It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of young people with complex disabilities with wheelchair-friendly walkways, a raised viewing platform and even a switch operated pig feeder (for those with limited dexterity).

Since opening, the farm has been giving the children and young people hands on experience with a variety of different animals including pygmy goats, ducks, sheep, pigs, donkeys, guinea pigs and chickens. We have also been able to invite other young people in Sussex to enjoy the resource – from school children to Girl Guide groups.

We continue to fundraise to cover the costs of Patchwork Farm and need to raise funds towards:

• Keeping the animals fed and healthy. We have a lot of animals who all need food and medication so they can continue to meet the young people.
• Maintaining the farm. As an outdoor space for learning, the farm is subject to the elements and so needs some extra care from time to time.
• Expanding the farm. We have plenty of exciting plans but the farm can only grow with the help of our generous donors.

Find out how you can support this brilliant facility by making a donation or sponsoring an animal here.

For more information, please contact the Fundraising Team on 01825 724752 or by email.

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