Listen, Feel, Look & Smell at the Garden Centre

19 Jun 2018

Conner and Hannah from Futures took a trip to the garden center where they used all of their senses as they explored what was for sale. At first, Hannah wasn’t sure about feeling the cool water from the fountains but slowly put her hand back under the flow, keeping it there for a while and clearly enjoying it. The feel of the (non-prickly) cacti was quite a contrast. She also used her sense of smell to check out the unusual scents of the dog treats. You can see Conner listening to the sounds of the wind chimes and becoming aware of the smell of the chives as they’re placed near him. The beautiful coloured flowers provided plenty of visual stimulation. Hannah almost blended in as she sat amongst the blooms in her flower headband. Next time you go to the garden center, why don’t you see if you can find something to engage each of your senses too? There’s an excuse for a slice of cake from the café!

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