Current Affairs - Fabrica Exhibition

11 June 2019

A visit to an art gallery doesn’t usually involve handling the artwork and you certainly wouldn’t dream of walking on it, right? But our trip to Serge Attukwei Clottey’s exhibition at Fabrica, Brighton was a little different. His large-scale tapestries of discarded yellow jerry cans adorned the unconverted Regency chapel and were intended to be interactive. Christopher and Guy seized the opportunity to drive their wheelchairs over the unusual surface. The plastic and wire sheets made crackling noises, moving underneath us.

The jerry cans, originally imported from the West, containing cooking oil, were then used during water shortages in Ghana but in this installation Clottey has repurposed the object back to the West in a different form, with new value as artwork. We looked at the different shades of yellow, and the markings on the squares: stripes to reference barcodes and personalised markings for each owner of the jerry can.

As well as experiencing something a little different, we were also at Fabrica to get a feel of the space ahead of art workshops Futures young adults are involved in over the summer. Neither Christopher or Guy had been to Fabrica before and both of them agreed it was good to see the gallery beforehand.

Find out more about the exhibition via this link.

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