Young People Review Accessibility for Winter Wonderland

18 Dec 2018

Young people at Chailey were asked to act as ambassadors for people with disabilities and give feedback re the accessibility of Winter Wonderland in London.

Thanks to a generous donation from 7th Sense and free entry to the activities on site we were able to travel up by train to visit the site.

Before the end of term the young people will be writing their reviews to send to the management at Winter Wonderland – and one of the Mums, who came with us, wrote the following review as well.

  • All the staff were helpful and very polite when asked questions we weren’t searched that much at the gate by security which was good for us but not you them if anyone wants to sneak anything in with a wheelchair!
  • Generally we were able to move around fine however it was dry and not very busy (it was a weekday too).
  • The matting with the square fixtures for fixing them to each other on each corner were a nightmare to negotiate and we had to go round as they stopped the wheelchairs in their tracks if hit.
  • The matting has sunk in places making it tricky for walking, as well as for pushing or driving wheelchairs.
  • Facilities - excellent disabled loo that was clean the 2nd time we used it. Changing room was great but maybe look at how to get in it as waiting for keys was a little irritating.
  • Snowman experience. Brilliant visual experience with some sensory stuff added in. However bark on the floor at the start stops wheelchairs in their tracks and there were no ramps over the thresholds to each room making getting through quite hard - although staff were on hand to help - but as a manual handling issue - lifting wheels of wheelchairs over thresholds is not a good idea. A simple short ramp over each would rectify this and be less of a trip hazard.
  • Great open area at the Bavarian market where we could have food and drink. Very useful area to park wheelchairs and have lunch. · Ice kingdom.
  • Great experience with some amazing sculptures.
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