Ahoy there! Futures’

06 September 2019

What better way to escape July’s stifling heat than to take to the seas off the coast of Eastbourne, cooling down with a refreshing sea breeze? That is exactly what 14 of our Futures residents did this summer. We are extremely grateful for this fantastic opportunity which was donated in memory of Matthew Daniel, a past student at Chailey Heritage School.

Over 3 days groups enjoyed the views along to Beachy Head lighthouse, the sensation of being out at sea and saw cormorants, seals and even dolphins on their way. Sailing with Wet Wheels Solent who offer fully accessible, powerboat trips for those with disabilities the young people each had the chance to steer the boat. One young adult used his non-dominant hand to hold the wheel very carefully, listening to the instructions of the Captain. Others took the opportunity to frighten fellow passengers with some particularly reckless driving, changing direction a bit too suddenly- don’t worry everyone got back to shore in one piece!

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