Making Music with Fruit and Veg

15 Mar 2019

Performing in front of an eager audience, four students from Hanbury department at Chailey Heritage School and four students from Chailey School came together to put on a performance.

Unlike any other musical act, the students worked together in pairs and made music through fruit and vegetables. We had Francesca on the watermelon, Amelia rocking the lemon, Betty grooving on the melon and Keelie zapping the apple. Keelie even had her own solo on the guitar – check out the video below!

Each vegetable was hooked up to the computer to make the sound of a specific instrument e.g. the apple made a piano sound. When a young person touched the vegetable, the electrical current from their skin was sent through to the computer and music was made.

The experimental music piece was great fun and it was lovely to see the students from both schools working together so well.


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