Toby Chooses to Visit Friends

28 Jul 2018

For students in the Hanbury department in 17-18, leadership has been a theme for focus – the aim has been to encourage our students to develop their own leadership skills and recognise themselves as leaders. After all, in adult life, they might be leading a team of carers for themselves! Choosing their own activities, where possible, and directing their TAs to help them in activities of their choice has worked well for lots of the students this year.

Toby has chosen to visit GKs on a regular basis, usually to spend time with a friend of his from last year – it’s been great for him to keep links with friends who have left the school and also to develop his own social communication skills.

Students visiting the café often have MNS about this context, specifically – for example, to use appropriate language with the Café Assistant when buying a drink or a snack. There are lots of opportunities for Subject Specific Learning too in this activity, and like all the best learning activities, it’s fun too.

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