Toby's Work Experience with the Riding Team

30 Jul 2018

Over the summer term Toby has been working on a Monday morning with Michele in the stables. He has been listening and following instructions to complete the tasks set and is really motivated and excited to go to work!

Toby has independently led work experience students to the stables when they have visited the school to learn too, telling them where to go and what he is doing. Toby also showed Guy what he had been doing when he came to see and got him to muck in too! Toby has helped the new pony to settle by helping the pony get used to wheelchairs and noises. Toby has helped to feed and groom the ponies and as he is motivated to go his communication, independence and cooperation in tasks has been excellent!

Well done Toby and he is looking forward to doing some more work in the Autumn term.


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