Skippers Hill Manor Pupils Visit Patchwork Farm

29 June 2019

Two groups of Year 8 pupils from Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School visited Patchwork Farm, to attend workshops run by Lesley Barcock. The pupils were spending some time in Enrichment activities following a long period of hard work in preparation for the Common Entrance exams. The teacher accompanying the pupils explained that they just wanted some quiet time with the animals, outdoors in the sunshine; and any activities that weren’t too demanding would be welcomed.

As it turned out, the pupils were really interested in getting to know some of our Chailey Heritage students who were also enjoying the farm at that time. Lesley spent some time telling them about the incredible switch operated pig feeder, why it is needed and how it helps our students. She asked some of the returning students, on the second day, to lead a smaller group themselves and show off the new knowledge that they had gained, about animal care at Chailey Heritage Foundation – they rose to the challenge brilliantly!

Their workshops coincided with the arrival of two new lambs (kindly loaned to us by Barcombe Estates) so these provided an added attraction for the Skippers students. Their teacher has asked about visits for next year so we are hoping to see them again!

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